Frequently Asked Questions
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When should I have my gutters cleaned and flushed? 
Most people need to have their gutters cleaned twice per year - once in the late fall, after all of the leaves have finished falling - and once in the late spring, after the trees have finished dropping all of the seeds and blossoms. Some homes in particularly wooded locations or with particular roof configurations require more frequent cleaning. 

How will you clean my gutters?
We'll get right on top of the roof and clean the gutters out with our hands. Then we will take a hose and flush them. By flushing, we can tell that all of the gutters are clean, all of the elbows and leader pipes are clear, and that everything is running down to the ground exactly as it should. We will bag and remove all gutter debris and will not leave a mess.

I have gutter screening. Do I still need to have my gutters cleaned?
Quality gutter screening will usually keep the fall leaves out of your gutters. If you have a lot of spring debris, seeds or pine needles can still get under the screening, so a spring cleaning is recommended. 

Do I need to be at home to have my gutters cleaned?
You don't need to be home to have the gutters cleaned and flushed. All we need is access to an outside water faucet. We can clean and flush your gutters and if you're not in, we will just leave a bill in your front door or mailbox.

Can I arrange to automatically have the gutters cleaned twice per year?
We don't automatically clean anyone's gutters because when a house is ready to be cleaned and flushed varies from year to year depending on the leaves and the weather. We need to hear from you that your particular trees have finished dropping all their leaves or spring mess. However, if you friend us on Facebook, we will send you reminders when it's time to call us.

It looks like my gutters are pulling away from the house? Can you fix this?
Gutters that are full of debris and standing water may pull away from the house. In some cases, simply cleaning and renailing the gutters is all that is needed. Sometimes, if the problem has been chronic, the facia board into which the gutters are nailed is rotted and will need to be replaced by a carpenter. Ice conditions can also cause gutters to pull away from the house. We can examine your gutters and let you know the cause of your problem, as well as the most appropraite way to fix it. 

Can you replace the bulbs in my floodlights when you are on my roof?
We are happy to replace floodlights. We ask that you purchase the bulbs and leave them in a predetermined location where we can find them easily. There is a $5 per bulb charge.

How much will it cost to have my gutters cleaned and flushed?
Our prices for most houses run from $50-$100 - with the average sized house being in the $75-85 range. We provide free estimates and will be happy to take a look at your house and leave a card with an exact price in your mail box on request.